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How to Become a Process Server

Becoming a process server requires a very specific temperament and set of skills. You must be calm, confident and able to think quickly and adapt to changing situations. You should be knowledgeable about the relevant laws and procedural regulations. You should have an inquisitive mind and dogged persistence. If you feel that you possess these traits, becoming a process server may be an excellent career for you. Here is what you should know to get started.

You will need to learn the legal and ethical demands of the profession. The best way to do this is to find a local class. Some jurisdictions require process servers to take a formal class, while others do not. Regardless of whether it is required, however, a class will ensure that you receive accurate and up to date information for your area. Classes may be offered on college campuses, through a state process server organization, or through a private firm.

Some jurisdictions require process servers to obtain a license. License requirements vary between jurisdictions, but may include a background check, written test, affidavits and other tasks. Check your local requirements online or by contacting your local courthouse.

You may be required to post a surety bond in order to become a process server. Insurance is required is some locations and optional in others. Insurance is always a good idea, as it can protect you against lawsuits that are based on your errors or omissions.

On the Job Training
As long as you meet the state and local regulations, you are entitled to go into business for yourself. However, becoming a successful process server cannot be learned from a book or a website. Your strategies and approaches will evolve and mature with time. It is therefore highly recommended that you begin your career working for an established company. You will receive invaluable continued training and support.

Being Hired
Process serving is a unique job market. The job requires a certain temperament and a specific skill set. Some companies prefer to hire only seasoned process servers with a great track record. On the other hand, many companies like to hire new, inexperienced servers. This offers the company the chance to mold and train the new server in the company's proven methods for success. You may need to interview with several companies in order to find one that is closely aligned with your own unique thoughts on how process serving should be done.

Becoming a process server is not inherently difficult. A series of tasks may need to be accomplished, from a background check to a written test. However, none of the steps is particularly time consuming or hard to accomplish. The financial outlay for bonding and insurance is generally the biggest hindrance. Classroom education is generally limited to one class, making it a reasonable career choice for those who do not have the time or money to invest in extended college coursework. Most of your training will be received while on the job. Although you are allowed to go out on your own once you have satisfied requirements, you will generally find that working with an existing company will help you to hone your skills as well as receive valuable support and feedback. If your goal is to run your own process server business, you will know instinctively when the time is right.

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