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Process Server Associations

Many professional process servers choose to go into business for themselves. They acquire the relevant licenses, post any bonds that may be required, purchase individual insurance and hang out the proverbial shingle. Others go to work for a process service company, which can provide a more regular paycheck. Whichever route you choose, advertising will be important, whether for yourself or for your company. Many attorneys retain a list of preferred process servers, experts on whom they know that they can rely. It can sometimes be difficult to get your name out there, however. At times, process servers can seem to be a closed and exclusive club. Joining a process server association can be a valuable step towards developing the necessary contacts to be a successful process server. Additionally, some associations offer continuing education and guidance, allowing the process server to grow professionally. There are several associations from which to choose, and it can be difficult to decide between them. Here is what you should know about process server associations.

National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)
Although its name seems to indicate that NAPPS is a national organization, the association has actually expanded to include all 50 United States and 11 foreign countries. On its website, NAPPS claims to be the largest non-profit of its kind in the world. The association is extremely well-organized, offering a complete range of services to its members. Members are carefully screened for felony convictions and upholding of NAPPS professional standards.

NAPPS maintains a comprehensive website that includes a membership database that is updated daily, copies of its bi-monthly newsletter, information on upcoming and past events, a copy of its bylaws and many other helpful tools. The policy manual and code of ethics are also accessible from the website, which can be found at

You can download the NAPPS application from the association's website, although it must be mailed or faxed to the company. Membership dues are currently $150 annually, along with a $25 application fee. You must also enclose two letters of recommendation. The screening process takes approximately 30 days, and your dues will be refunded if for any reason your application is denied.

Other Professional Associations
Several other professional process server associations also exist, primarily for the purpose of maintaining directories of process servers across the country and around the world. Examples of these associations include the International Process Servers Association and the United States Process Servers Association.

Individual states also maintain process server associations. The state associations act as an excellent resource for process servers in their geographical area. They can be an excellent resource for both new and experienced process servers. Some state associations offer training classes and information on state regulations, as well as providing member directories and other benefits. Most also maintain a web presence.

The Bottom Line
There is no requirement that you join a professional process server association. However, the association membership can help to demonstrate your professionalism as well as providing networking opportunities. It can also get your name out to attorneys who might require your services. Be judicious in selecting which associations you join, however, as each association requires membership dues to be paid. Decide what you want from your association membership, and select one or more associations that work for you.

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