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Process Server Conventions

If you are unfamiliar with the career of process serving, you may be surprised to find that the community is fairly close-knit. The National Association of Professional Process Servers is one of the main international bodies that bring process servers together. Among numerous other services, NAPPS offers an annual convention. Smaller conventions are also hosted throughout the year by other process server associations. Provided here is a guide to the happenings of the process server community.

The NAPPS Convention
This is a large annual gathering of NAPPS members from around the world. It is generally held in a popular tourist location, and care is taken to balance business with fun. The 2008 event, for example, will be held at Walt Disney World. The package includes discount theme park tickets, as well as some time built in for golfing, a cocktail party and even a late-night poker tournament. As process serving tends to be a fairly isolated career, this is a wonderful networking opportunity as well as a chance to get to know other process servers on a social level.

State Conventions
The state process server associations tend to host periodic conventions of their own. The state conventions are open to all members of that association. However, they may also welcome visiting process servers from other states. If you will be in town during a state convention, it is well worth contacting the state association to inquire about attending the convention.

Why Attend Process Server Conventions?
The laws and procedures governing process servers tend to change on a fairly regular basis. Attending meetings and conventions is an excellent way to stay abreast of relevant changes and prepare yourself for upcoming legislation.

There is much more to being a process server than simply delivering paperwork. There is a definite art as well as a science to being a successful server. Attending conventions allows you to share tips with others in the field, from how to dress for various situations to new technology that can make your job easier.

Process serving is often a lonely job. You may spend hours in the field, sitting in your car waiting for your recipient to arrive. You may spend equally long hours online, performing skip tracing and other research. A convention is a chance to relax with those who truly understand your frustrations. You may even pick up some helpful suggestions on how to combat loneliness and fatigue.

Networking is often helpful to process servers. Whether you are in business for yourself or working for a small company, there may be times that your schedule is not as full as you would like. Serving process on someone who resides in a different state often requires enlisting a process server in that state. Meeting process servers from various locations can help you drum up business from those who need assistance in your state.

The Bottom Line
As with any industry, process servers are a fairly close-knit community. Process server conventions and conferences offer the opportunity to network with others in your line of work, on both a professional and a personal level. Conventions are often held in exciting tourist locations, with an emphasis on both work and play. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, you may just learn something new at a process server convention.

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