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Process Server Education

Process servers form a very important part of the legal system. As a process server, you will be responsible for providing one of the most important legal rights to those who are party to a court case: the Constitutional right to due process. As such, it is very important that you become familiar with the laws and procedures that govern service of process. Some states have regulations for those that wish to become process servers, including successfully passing a written test. In other jurisdictions, no such test is required. However, should anything go wrong while you are attempting to serve process, you will be held responsible for following the applicable laws. Therefore, it is important that you receive proper training, whether or not it is required by law. Here is your guide to process server educational programs.

State Association
Not every state has a process server association. Those that do, however, generally offer training classes on a semi-regular basis. Check into your state's association to find a class schedule along with the material that is covered. Prices are generally quite reasonable, and taking the class may make you eligible to join the association.

Private Class
Many private companies offer process server courses. These may be offered on a periodic basis by process server corporations, possibly as part of a pre-application process. Other private companies are strictly educational, organized for the express purpose of educating new process servers. You may be able to find a private class in your area through a simple internet search.

Sheriff's Office
In some jurisdictions, process servers are managed by the local sheriff's office. In these locations, the sheriff's office generally offers process server training programs as well as managing certification tests and licensing. Call your local sheriff's department's non-emergency number for more information.

College Campus
Although "process server" has yet to become a college major, many colleges have begun to offer training classes on campus. You may be able to take a class through the Criminology department, or the class may be taught by an outside party using the college's classrooms. You can search for classes on the local college's website.

Books and Online Training
Ideally, you will receive at least your initial process server training within your own community. Laws and procedures regarding process serving tend to vary widely between jurisdictions. However, if you are unable to find a local course, several books and online manuals are dedicated to the business of process serving. You can learn many of the basics from these sources, and then search your local code of civil procedure to find the exact laws for your area.

The Bottom Line
As a process server, you will need to carefully follow federal, state and local laws, while utilizing a specific set of skills to successfully serve process. Although many jurisdictions do not require training programs for a process server, it is important to learn as much as possible before you begin. Search for a class that is given in your community, and utilize online resources to become more proficient. The knowledge that you gain will be invaluable.

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