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About was established in 2007 with the goal of providing legal professionals accurate and cost effective services. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in that mission, and are now the internet's fastest growing process service company. All services provided by our company are attempted within 24 hours of receipt, same day services are also available.

We cover the entire United States via affiliates nationwide. In addition to our in-house staff we have many process servers and retrieval specialists out in the field. We are excited to provide new customers with the high level of service that our clients nationwide have come to know.

Did You Know?
Are You a 9 to 5 Type?
Process servers rarely work typical office hours. The nature of the work requires the process server to be available during times that the recipient is easy to find. Even a straightforward process service may occur at night or over the weekend. If the person you are trying to serve is evasive, you may find yourself staking out his home or other locations for hours at a time. In order to be a successful process server, you should thrive on working odd hours in various locations.

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