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Our Mission's goal to be an important site for locating quality process servers.

What Does
  • court filing
  • document retrieval
  • courier services
  • skip tracing
  • private investigations
  • notary service
  • and much more

Did You Know?
Other Regulations
Some jurisdictions require a process server to be licensed and/or bonded. Some areas permit a process server to carry a weapon for self defense. Some locations provide process servers with a laminated ID, although use of the ID may itself be governed by a series of procedural regulations. Before acting as a process server, it is very important that you understand all of your jurisdictions laws, rules and regulations. Failure to properly follow guidelines may sink the case, or even cause you to be personally sued or prosecuted.

The process server`s job is to deliver court notifications and summons to those who are involved in legal matters. Although the job may be seen as merely that of a messenger or courier, the skills required to be an excellent process server go far beyond those of a traditional messenger. The process server meets people at a unique point in their lives. Their reactions run the gamut from startled to angry, and pleasant to evasive. The process server must be able to size up a recipient and modify his behavior and mannerisms to evoke the best possible response. Here is a summary of the skills that are needed to be a successful process server.

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